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Bailey Infi 90

Bailey Infi 90

ABB Bailey Infi 90, an iconic automation system that has redefined control and optimization in the industrial sector. ABB Bailey Infi 90 represents a legacy of innovation, reliability, and performance, serving as a cornerstone of advanced process control for over three decades. Bailey Infi 90 is a distributed control system (DCS) that revolutionized the industry with its unique architecture and advanced functionality. Designed to handle complex industrial processes, Bailey Infi 90 seamlessly integrates various control and monitoring components into a unified platform, enabling comprehensive management and optimization of operations.

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6642626C1 6644177A11 6644424A1 6644843A1 AI02 AIN-200 AIN-220 AIN-300 AOT-150 ASM03 B-5MP9I-A0002 B-5MP9I-XROHS B-5MPBC BRC100 BRC300 BRC400 BRC410 CIO100 CLC03 CLC04 CMM11 CMMTU01 CMMTU02 CRT02 CSC01 CTT02 CTU04 DIO-400 DOT-100 DOT-120 FIO-100 FJB-782 FJB-794 FJB-798 HBX01L HBX01R HPG800 IEFAN01 IEFAN02 IEMMU01 IEMMU02 IEMMU04 IEMMU11 IEMMU12 IEMMU21 IEMMU22 IEPAF01 IEPAF02 IEPAS01 IEPAS02 IEPBM01 IEPDP01 IEPDS01 IEPDS02 IEPEP01 IEPEP03 IEPEP04 IEPEP07 IEPMU01 IEPRD01 IEPWM02 IIADP01 IIADP02 IIAMS01 IIEDI01 IIMCL01 IIMCP01 IIMCP02 IIMGC01 IIMGC02 IIMGC03 IIMGC04 IIMKM01 IIMKM01A IIMKM02 IIMKM02A IIMLM01 IIMLM21 IIMPM01 IIMPM02 IIMRM01 IIMRM02 IIMSM01 IIMTM01 IIPLM01 IISAC01 IKAS01 IKLM01 IKLS01 IKTU01 IKTU02 IMAMI01 IMAMM03 IMAOM01 IMASI02 IMASI02S IMASI03 IMASI13 IMASI23 IMASM01 IMASM02 IMASM02S IMASM03 IMASM04 IMASO01 IMASO11 IMBLK01 IMCIS02 IMCIS12 IMCIS22 IMCKN01 IMCKN02 IMCOM03 IMCOM04 IMCPM01 IMCPM02 IMCPM03 IMDER01 IMDER02 IMDSI02 IMDSI12 IMDSI13 IMDSI14 IMDSI15 IMDSI22 IMDSI22-ABX IMDSM04 IMDSM05 IMDSO01 IMDSO02 IMDSO03 IMDSO04 IMDSO05 IMDSO14 IMDSO15 IMFAI01 IMFAI02 IMFBM01 IMFBS01 IMFCS01 IMFEC11 IMFEC12 IMHSS02 IMHSS03 IMHSS04 IMLMM02 IMMFC03 IMMFC04 IMMFC05 IMMFP01 IMMFP02 IMMFP03 IMMFP03B IMMFP04 IMMFP05 IMMFP11 IMMFP12 IMMPI01 IMMPI02 IMPCC01 IMQRS02 IMQRS12 IMQRS22 IMRAE12 IMRAI12 IMRAO02 IMRCC02 IMRDI01 IMRDI13 IMRDO01 IMRIO02 IMRIO22 IMSED01 IMSER02 IMSET01 IMSPM01 IMTSA01 IMUSM01 INBIM02 INBTM01 INDDM01 INESM01 INFBA01 INICT01 INICT03 INICT03A INICT12 INICT13A INIET800 INIIT01 INIIT02 INIIT03 INIIT12 INIIT13 INIPT01 INIPT02 INLIM02 INLIM03 INNIS01 INNIS11 INNIS21 INNPM01 INNPM11 INNPM12 INNPM22 INNTP01 INPBS01 INPCI01 INPCI02 INPCT01 INPPT01 INPTM01 INSCS01 INSEM01 INSEM11 INSIM01 INSOE01 INSPM01 INTKM01 IOR810 IPBLC01 IPBLK01 IPCHS01 IPCHS02 IPECB11 IPECB13 IPESW11 IPFAN11 IPFAN12 IPFAN13 IPFAN14 IPFCH01 IPFLD01 IPFLD125 IPFLD24 IPFLD48 IPMON01 IPSYS01 ITCTU03 ITCTU0311 ITCTU04 ITCTU05 ITCTU11 KRPA-11DSN-24 KUEP-11D15-24 LMUSM02 LMUSM04 LPS01 MFPM02 NDLS02 NFTP01 NHSS01 NIAC03 NIAI01 NIAI02 NIAI03 NIAI04 NIAI05 NIAM01 NIAM02 NIAO01 NICL01 NICS01 NIDI01 NIMF01 NIMF02 NIMP01 NIRL01 NIRL03 NKAS01-10 NKAS01-9 NKAS11-15 NKCS02-15 NKDO01-2 NKDS01-100 NKEB01 NKEB02 NKLS01-10 NKLS01-13 NKLS01-15 NKLS01-20 NKLS01-3 NKLS02-10 NKLS02-5 NKLS03-10 NKLS03-15 NKLS03-5 NKLS04-3 NKLS11-10 NKLS11-14 NKLS11-5 NKMF02-02 NKMP01-2 NKMP01-4 NKMP01-5 NKMP03-1 NKMP11-2 NKMP11-3 NKPL01-3 NKSE01-2 NKTK01-10 NKTL01-3 NKTM01-10 NKTM01-11 NKTM01-5 NKTM02-5 NKTT01-10 NKTT01-3 NKTU01-10 NKTU01-12 NKTU01-15 NKTU01-26 NKTU01-3 NKTU01-30 NKTU01-4 NKTU01-50 NKTU01-9 NKTU02-20 NKTU02-6 NKTU02-9 NKTU11-10 NKTU11-15 NKTU11-24 NMPC01 NPSI02 NRDI01 NRDO02 NRI002 NTAI01 NTAI02 NTAI03 NTAI05 NTAI06 NTAM01 NTCF02 NTCF03 NTCF21 NTCF22 NTCF23 NTCL01 NTCS01 NTCS02 NTCS04 NTDI01 NTDI02 NTDO01 NTDO02 NTFB01 NTHS03 NTLS01 NTMF01 NTMP01 NTPL01 NTRL02A NTRL02B NTSE01 NTSM01 NTST01 NTU-715 NTU-716 NTU-71648S3 NTU-7A0 NTU-7A420MA NTU-7A9M0 NTU-7A9M1 NTU-7B0 NTU-7B1 NTU-7B1A NTU-7B2A NTU-7C1 NTU-7C2 NTU-7C6-MO NTU-7C9 NTU-7G7 NTU-7I0 NTU-7I4 NTU-7I624S1 NTU-7I648S1 NTU-7L0 NTU-7Q1 NTU-7Q2 NTU-7Q2E NTU-7U0 OAC-24A P-HA-MCL-110000000 P-HA-MCL-210000000 P-HA-MCL-31000000 P-HA-MCL-41000000 P-HA-MCL-61000000 P-HA-MSC-FAN11024 PBA800 PHAMSCTER20000 PHAREPRFO10000 PHARPS00010000 PHARPS00200000 PHARPS02010000 PHARPS02200000 PHARPS03000000 PHARPS11000000 PHARPS11010000 PHARPS11100000 PHARPS21000000 PHARPS21010000 PHARPS21200000 PHARPS32000000 PHARPS32010000 PHARPS32200000 PHARPS40000000 PHARPSCH100000 PHARPSFAN03000 PHARPSPEP11012 PHARPSPEP11013 PHARPSPEP11013 Kit PHARPSPEP11023 PHARPSPEP21013 PHARPSPEP21013 Kit PHBAIN1200C100 PHBAIN1200S100 PHBAIN1200S200 PHBAIN12010000 PHBAIN2200C100 PHBAIN2200C200 PHBAIN2200S100 PHBAIN2200S200 PHBAIN3000C100 PHBAIN3000K100 PHBAIN3000S100 PHBAIN3000S200 PHBAOT1500C200 PHBAOT1500S100 PHBBLK10000100 PHBBLK10010000 PHBCIO1000C100 PHBCIO1000S100 PHBDIO4000C100 PHBDIO4000C200 PHBDIO4000R100 PHBDIO4000S100 PHBDIO4000S200 PHBDOT1000S100 PHBDOT1200C100 PHBDOT1200K100 PHBDOT1200S100 PHBFIO1000C100 PHBIOR8000N200 PHBIOR80010000 PHBRLY20000000 PHBRMU1000N100 PHBRMU1000N200 PHBRMU10010000 PHBRMU11010000 PHBRMU8000N200 PHBSIM1000C100 PHBSIM10010000 PHCBRCPBA10000 PHCBRCPBA20000 PHCDOC00001000 PHCPLT10111100 PHCPLT20221100 PHKRMPBA2000A PMKHRMBRC1000A PMKHRMBRC3000A PMKHRMBRC3000B PMKHRMMCL10 PMKHRMPBA10 PMKHRMPBA10003 PMKHRMPBA2000A PMKHRMRLY12S01 RFO810 RLY-100 SAFT 136 CTS SPASI23 SPASO11 SPBRC300 SPBRC400 SPBRC410 SPCIS22 SPDSI14 SPDSI22 SPDSM04 SPDSO14 SPFCS01 SPFEC12 SPHSS03 SPHSS13 SPICI800 SPIET800 SPIIT13 SPIPT800 SPNIS21 SPNPM22 SPQRS22 SPRIO22 SPSED01 SPSET01 SPTAS01 SSBIET80000000 STC2AE STC2BE STT02E SX-90064-8B2 TAS01 TMM-700 TPM01 TPS02 TPSTU02 TSITU01 W388BCPX-3