We received the cables Frank. They are in great shape, including the connectors. Thanks for ...

~ Larry A. Excellent United States

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ABB Drives are designed to control the speed, torque, and acceleration of electric motors, enabling precise and efficient operation across a wide range of applications. Whether it's pumps, fans, conveyors, compressors, or any other motor-driven machinery, ABB Drives provide the intelligence and flexibility to optimize performance and energy consumption.

1SAP155500R0279 1SAP280000R0001 1SAP281200R0001 1SAP284000R0001 1SAP48200R0001 1SFB536068D1013 3ADT220090R0003 3ADT220090R0020 3ADT220134R0001 3ADT306000R1 3ADT306200R1 3ADT309600R0002 3ADT309600R0012 3ADT311500R0001 3ADT312500R0001 3ADT312700R0001 3ADT314900R1002 3ADT315100R1001 3ADT316300R1510 3AUA0000036521 3AUA0000047068 3BHB003041R0101 3BSE004086R1 3BSE004939R1012 3BSE004939R2 3BSE005023R1 3BSE005851R1 3BSE006065R1 3HAB8101-1 3HAB8101-13 3HAB8101-5 3HAB8101-6 4890024-ADB 4890024-LG1 4890024-LL 4890024-LM1 4890024-NK 4890024-TU 48931000-CEL 5366368-B 61037136D 64606859 64635875 64702475 64717812 68569354 68569541 68685826 68806399 6SA8242-0BD53-Z ACC60100053000S0200901 ACH-CP-B ACH401600632 ACH501-003-4-00P2 ACH501-005-4-L0P2 ACH501-025-4-00P2 ACH550-01-012A-4 ACH550-01-015A-4B055 ACH550-01-02A4-4B055 ACH550-01-06A9-4B055 ACH550-UH-012A-4 ACH550-UH-012A-4B055 ACH550-UH-015A-4 ACH550-UH-04A6-2 ACH550-UH-08A8-4 ACH550-VCR-06A9-4F267 ACH550-VCR-08A8-4P901 ACH550PCR023A4 ACM 150 ACN6340006500000000902 ACS 100-PAN ACS 101-1K-1-U ACS 101-1K1-1 ACS 101-1K6-1 ACS 101-2K7-1 ACS 101-2K7-1-U ACS 101-K75-1 ACS 103-2K1-1-U ACS 103-K75-1 ACS 141-1K1-1-U ACS 141-1K6-1-U ACS 141-4K1-1 ACS 141-K18-1 ACS 141-K75-1 ACS 143-1K1-1 ACS 143-1K6-1 ACS 143-1K6-3 ACS 143-1K6-3-U ACS 143-2K1-3 ACS 143-2K7-1 ACS 143-2K7-1-U ACS 143-2K7-3 ACS 143-4K-1 ACS 143-4K1-3 ACS 143-4K1-3-U ACS 143-K75-1 ACS 143-K75-1-U ACS 143-K75-3 ACS 150-01E-07A5-2 ACS 150-01U-02A4-2 ACS 150-01U-04A7-2 ACS 150-01U-06A7-2 ACS 150-01U-07A5-2 ACS 150-03E-02A4-2 ACS 150-03E-05A6-4 ACS 150-03E-08A8-4 ACS 150-03U-01A-24 ACS 150-03U-04A1-4 ACS 150-03U-08A8-4 ACS 163-4K1-3-U ACS 201-1P1-1-00P10 ACS 201-1P6-1-00-10 ACS 201-2P7-3-00-10 ACS 201-4P1-3-00-10 ACS 300-PL-0025A ACS 301-00123 ACS 301-08P7-3DE ACS 301-1P6-3 ACS 301-2P7-3 ACS 301-4P1-1 ACS 301-4P1-3 ACS 301-4P9-3 ACS 311-016-3 ACS 311-1P1-1 ACS 311-1P6-1 ACS 311-1P6-3 ACS 311-2P1-3 ACS 311-2P7-3 ACS 311-41P-3 ACS 311-4P1-1 ACS 311-6P6-3 ACS 311-8P7-3 ACS 350-01E-02A4-2 ACS 350-01E-04A7-2 ACS 350-01U-02A4-2-J400-K466 ACS 350-01U-02A4-2-J404 ACS 350-01U-06A7-2 ACS 350-03E-01A9-4 ACS 350-03E-02A4-4 ACS 350-03E-04A1-4 ACS 350-03E-05A6-4 ACS 350-03E-08A8-4-B063 ACS 350-03E-12A5-4 ACS 350-03E-13A3-2 ACS 350-03U-01A2-4 ACS 350-03U-01A94 ACS 350-03U-02A4-2-J400-K466 ACS 350-03U-02A4-2-J404 ACS 350-03U-02A4-4 ACS 350-03U-02A4-4-J400-K466 ACS 350-03U-02A4-4-J404 ACS 350-03U-04A1-4 ACS 350-03U-04A1-4-J404 ACS 350-03U-04A7-2-J400-K466 ACS 350-03U-07A5-2 ACS 350-03U-07A5-2-J400-K466 ACS 350-03U-08A8-4 ACS 350-03U-09A8-2-J400-K466 ACS 350-03U-09A8-2-J404 ACS 350-03U-12A5-4 ACS 350-03U-15A6-4 ACS 350-03U-17A6-2-J400-K466 ACS 350-03U-17A6-2-J404 ACS 350-03U-23A1-4 ACS 350-03U-44A0-4 ACS 355-01E-02A4-2 ACS 355-03E-01A2-4 ACS 355-03E-02A4-4 ACS 355-03E-05A6-4 ACS 355-03E-07A3-4 ACS 355-03E-15A6-4 ACS 355-03E-23A1-4 ACS 355-03E-38A0-4 ACS 355-03U-02A4-4-J400 ACS 355-03U-04A1-4 ACS 400-IF31-3 ACS 401-0005-3-2 ACS 401-0009-3-2 ACS 401-001-2-00P2 ACS 401-0011-3-2 ACS 401-6004-2-2 ACS 401-6005-3-2 ACS 401-6006-2-2 ACS 401-6009-2-2 ACS 401-6016-1-2 ACS 401-6020-3-2 ACS 401-6020-3-5 ACS 401-6041-3-5 ACS 501-002-4-00P2 ACS 501-002-4-00P5 ACS 501-002-4-00P51 ACS 501-003-4-00P2 ACS 501-004-3-00P200000 ACS 501-005-4-00P2 ACS 501-005-4-00P5 ACS 501-007-4-00P2 ACS 501-007-4-00P5 ACS 501-010-4-00P2 ACS 501-010-6-X00P5 ACS 501-020-4-00P2 ACS 501-025-4-00P2 ACS 501-025-4-00P5 ACS 501-030-4-00P2 ACS 501-050-40AP2 ACS 550-01-023A-4 ACS 550-01-03A3-4 ACS 550-01-04A1-4-0J400 ACS 550-01-06A9-4 ACS 550-01-08A8-4 ACS 550-01-157A-4 ACS 550-PC-072A-4-B055-K466-L511 ACS 550-U1-011A-6 ACS 550-U1-012A-4 ACS 550-U1-015A-4 ACS 550-U1-017A-2-B055-K454 ACS 550-U1-031A-4 ACS 550-U1-04A1-4 ACS 550-U1-06A9-4 ACS 550-U1-08A8-4 ACS 550-U1-09A0-6 ACS 550-U1-125A-4 ACS 601-0005-3 ACS 601-0006-3 ACS 601-0006-4-000B-120001 ACS 601-0006-4-000B0200801 ACS 601-0006-4-000B1200801 ACS 601-0006-4-000B1500801 ACS 601-0006-5-000B1200000 ACS 601-0009-4-000B1200800 ACS 601-0009-4-000B1200801 ACS 601-0009-4-000B1500801 ACS 601-0009-5-000B1200000 ACS 601-0009-5-000B1500800 ACS 601-0009-6-000B1200901 ACS 601-0011-3-000A1200000 ACS 601-0011-4-000B1500801 ACS 601-0016-2-000B1200801 ACS 601-0016-3-000C1200000 ACS 601-0016-4-000B1200801 ACS 601-0016-4-000B1500801 ACS 601-0016-5-000B1200000 ACS 601-0016-6-000B1200901 ACS 601-0020-3-S00C1200001 ACS 601-0025-3-000C1200001 ACS 601-0030-6-000B1200901 ACS 601-0040-3-000F1200000 ACS 601-0040-4-000B1200801 ACS 601-0060-4-000B1200801 ACS 601-0070-4-000B1200801 ACS 601-0070-5-000B1200800 ACS 601-0095-0-00B1200000 ACS 601-0100-4-000B1200801 ACS 601-0100-5-000B1200800 ACS 601-0120-5000-A1200000 ACS 601-1007-0-3000-C1200000 ACS 604-0100-6-000B0200901 ACS 604-0210-3-000C0000900 ACS 604-0210-5-000B00009R1 ACS 604-0260-5-00002000900 ACS 604-0260-5-000B0000901 ACS 604-0320-6-000B0000901 ACS 800-01-0006-3-E200 ACS 800-01-0009-3-E202 ACS 800-01-0060-3-E200 ACS 800-104-0175-3 ACS 800-104-0580-7 ACS 800-31-0025-5 ACS 800-31-0030-5 ACS 800-ITTU1-0009-5-P901 ACS 800-U1-0005-5 ACS 800-U1-0006-5-L502-L503-N661-P901 ACS 800-U1-0006-5-L502-L508-N660 ACS 800-U1-0006-5-P901 ACS 800-U1-0011-5 ACS 800-U1-0011-5-L502-L508-N660-P901 ACS 800-U1-0011-5-P901 ACS 800-U1-0016-5 ACS 800-U1-0020-5-E200-K454-L509-P901 ACS 800-U1-0120-5 ACS 800-U1-0120-5-E202-L500-L502-P901 ACS 800-U11-0020-5 ACS 800-U11-0100-5 ACS 800-U4-0210-5-D150-L503 ACS 8003100205 ACS-CP-A ACS-CP-C ACS355-03U-38A0-4 ACS550-01-096A-4 ACX 550-U0-023A-4 ACX 550-U0-031A-4 ACX 550-U0-04A6-2 AI86-16 AI86-8CH AIO86-84 BRS5D3DR053XXP CDP 312 CDP-311 CDP312R CPU86-8MHz CPU86-NDP DAC86-16CH DCS502B0075-41-2100000 DFE 03 DI85-8B DI86-32 DID086-32CHF DIDO86 DKL01501 DO86-16 FDC86-CONT GAT 542989R0001 GAT 543152R0001 GLM86 ID15H201-W ID15J201-ER IMCPM07A0000 IOD86 IOD86-MEM IOD86-TR JCU-01 MEM85-16K MEM86-3X192K MM1012 MR1012 NAMC-11 NBIO-31 NBRA-653 NBUB-41 NDBU-95 NDBU-95C NDCO-03 NDCU-11 NDIO-01 NDIO-02 NDPI-04 NFLN-01 NGDR-03 NINP-61 NINT-41 NINT-46 NINT-62C NINT-66C NINT-70C NIOC-01 NIOC-01C NMC86 NPBA-12 NPBU-42C NPCU-01 NPOW-41 NPOW-43 NTAC-02 PP07512HS PWD86 PYT0450W071 RCNA-01 RDCO-01C RDIO-01 RDO86-16L RLON-01 SAFT 103 CON SAFT 110 POW SAFT 120 PAC SAFT 121 PAC SAFT 123 PAC SAFT 125 CHC SAFT 132 CBS SAFT 145 F440 SAFT 151 CPD SAFT 163 IOC SAFT 164 AIO SAFT 166 APC SAFT 167 APC SAFT 168 PAC SAFT 169 PAC SAFT 171 PAC SAFT 172 POW SAFT 173 TSI SAFT 174 TBC SAFT 175 RDO SAFT 187 CON SAFT 189 TSI SAFT 190 APC SAFT 192 POW SAMC 19 INF SAMI 018MS4-M2 SC86-4CMO SDCA-POW-1C SDCS-COM-5 SDCS-IOB-23 SDCS-PIN-51 SGCP 1000 SGHF 1001 SHM86-M64K SNAT 602 TAC SNAT 632 PAC SNAT 7520 SNAT 7902 INP THI86-15 UC86-8CH USART86-8CH USART86-INT UT86-2X40C UT86-2XB+B VD86 YGBC 320-20 YGBC 420-20 YL621001-BH YL643001-AC YL643001-CF YT 296 000-TP YT236001-AA YT296000-ML YT296000-PD YXC110 YXN 116 YXT 116 YXT120A YXU 149 YXU 150 YXU 151 YYT 102E