Dear Frank and James, This morning we tested the "new" IEPAF01 cards. Everything is fine!!! ...

~ Carmelo I. Excellent Italy

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ABB Procontrol series offers P13 DCS, Analog Output Modules, Motor Control In Out Modules and Intra-Plant Bus Access Units.

70 AA 02a-E 70 AB 01b-E 70 AS 04b-E 70 AS 06a-E 70 AS 32a-E 70 AS 40b-E 70 AS 41b-E 70 AS 45b-E 70 AS 46b-E 70 AS 47b-E 70 AS 67a-E 70 BA 01b 70 BK 02a-E 70 BL 02C 70 BL 30a 70 BL 31a 70 BT 01b 70 BV 01b-E 70 EA 01b-E 70 EA 02a-E 70 EA 03a-E 70 EA 04a-E 70 EA 04b-E 70 EB 01a 70 EB 02b-E 70 EB 03a 70 ER 01a 70 FA 01A 70 FA 01b 70 FK 01b 70 FK01a 70 FV 01a-E 70 PR 03c-E 70 SK 30b-E 70 SK 31b-E 70 SK 32a-E 70 SK 33b-E 70 SK 34b-E 70 SK 36b-E 70 SK 37b-E 70 SL 01a 70 VV 01a 70 WA 01a-E 70 WB 01a 70AA01a-E 70AA02B-E 70AB01C-ES 70AB02a-E 70AB02B-E 70BA01C-S 70BA02a 70BA02b 70BK02B-E 70BK02CE 70BK03B-E 70BT01C 70BV05A-E 70EA01A-E 70EA01b-E 70EA01B-ES 70EA02a-E 70EA02A-ES 70EA05A-E 70EB01B-E 70EB02a-E 70EB02C-ES 70FV01B-E 70PR 03d-E 70PR02a-E 70PR03B-E 70PR05a-E 70PR05B-ES 70SL01A 70SL05A 70VA01A-E CT 370a DC 371a DD 371a DT 370a DT 371a GIR2242100R1 GJR2237100R1 GJR2237400R1 GJR2237500R1 GJR2237600R1 GJR2237800R1 GJR2240200R1 GJR2242000R0001 GJR2311900R2 GJR2336500R1 GJR2392500R1210 GKWE001450R9 GKWN000070R1, UT 372 HEIA100323R1 HEIE210050R1 HEIE310247R1 HEIE420007R0001 HEIE420142R1 HEIE420158R1 HEIE420334R1 HEIE421392R1 HESG 446532 R1 HESG 446917 R1 HESG223040R1 HESG223063R1 HESG223140R1 HESG223150R1 HESG223170R1 HESG332043R1 HESG332077R1 HESG332101R1 HESG332112R1 HESG332121R1 HESG332123R3 HESG332140R1 HESG332157R2 HESG332160R0001 HESG332164R0001 HESG332188R0001 HESG332204R0001 HESG446048R1 HESG446076R1 HESG446108R1 HESG446139R1 HESG446144R1 HESG446409R1 HESG446421R1 HESG446421R2 HESG446433R1 HESG446457R1 HESG446528R1 HESG446542R1 HESG446624R1 HESG446680R1 HESG446706R1 HESG446707R1 HESG446729R1 HESG446760R2 HESG446764R2 HESG446775R1 HESG446867R2 HESG446869R1 HESG446889R4 HESG446917R1 HESG446917R2 HESG446933R0002 HESG446959R1 HESG446998R1 HESG447005R2 HESG447016R1 HESG447027R0001 HESG447038R1 HESG447043R1 HESG447060R1 HESG447103R1 HESG447220R0004 HESG447245R0001 HESG447260R0002 HESG447271R0001 HESG447308R0001 HESG447388R0001 HSEG332084R0001 KT 5191a KT 7386a KT 8991a LR370A-E LT 370c LT 371a LT 9673a UA 380a-E UA379A-E UB371a-E UT 372c UV5627B-E XT 375a-E XT 377 e-E XT-376a XT-382b XV 77135 XV 7715b XV 7717b XV 7718b XV7713b XV7717C ZT 372a-E