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Westinghouse Q-line is a remarkable range of electrical circuit breakers that exemplifies efficiency, reliability, and safety in the field of electrical distribution. Designed and manufactured by Westinghouse Electric Corporation, a renowned name in the electrical industry, the Q-line series sets a new standard for residential and commercial circuit protection.

1B30021G01 1B30021G02 1D42128G01 1D42128G02 1D42128G03 1D42128G04 1D54557G03 1D54557G07 1D54557G10 1X00024H01 1X00024H03 1X00024H04 1X00024H06 1X00163H01 1X00163H02 1X00163H03 1X00163H04 1X00416H01 1X00417H01 1X00417H02 1X00417H03 1X00417H04 2000A04G01 2840A10G01 2840A10G02 2840A10G03 2840A10G04 2840A13G01 2840A13G02 2840A13G03 2840A13G04 2840A13G05 2840A13G06 2840A13G07 2840A13G08 2840A13G09 2840A15G01 2840A15G02 2840A15G04 2840A15G06 2840A17G01 2840A18G01 2840A18G02 2840A18G03 2840A18G04 2840A18G05 2840A19G01 2840A19G02 2840A19G03 2840A19G04 2840A19G05 2840A19G06 2840A19G07 2840A19G08 2840A20G01 2840A20G02 2840A20G03 2840A20G04 2840A21G01 2840A21G02 2840A21G03 2840A21G04 2840A21G05 2840A21G06 2840A21G07 2840A21G08 2840A33G04 2840A38G01 2840A40G0* 2840A49G01 2840A75G01 2840A75G02 2840A77G02 2840A78G01 2840A79G01 2840A79G02 2840A79G03 2840A79G04 2840A79G05 2840A80G01 2840A80G02 2840A80G03 2840A80G04 2840A80G05 2840A80G06 2840A80G07 2840A80G08 2840A80G10 2840A80G11 2840A83G03 2840A85G01 2840A86G01 2840A86G02 2840A86G04 2840A86G05 2D34347G05 2D34347G06 2D34347G07 2D34347G08 3A59344G05 3A59344G06 3A59345G05 3A59345G06 3A59346G02 3A59347G01 3A59348G02 3A59349G11 3A59349G12 3A99101G01 3A99101G02 3A99108G01 3A99109G01 3A99114G01 3A99114G02 3A99114G03 3A99114G04 3A99118G01 3A99118G02 3A99211G01 3A99211G02 3A99254G01 3A99254G03 3A99257G01 3A99857G01 3A99857G02 3A99857G03 3A99857G04 3A99858G01 3A99858G02 3A99859G01 3A99859G02 3A99859G03 3A99859G04 3A99860G01 3A99860G02 3A99860G04 3A99861G04 3A99862G14 3A99863G14 404A723G01 404A724G01 406A167G13 4256A01G01 4256A15G01 4256A15G02 4256A15G03 4256A26G01 4256A36G01 4256A51G01 4256A64G01 4256A64G02 4256A64G03 4256A64G04 4256A64G05 4256A64G06 4256A65G01 4256A65G02 4256A65G03 4256A65G05 4256A65G06 4256A76G01 4256A76G02 4256A83G01 4256A84G01 4256A84G02 4256A84G03 4256A84G04 4256A84G05 4256A84G06 4256A84G07 4256A84G08 4256A84G09 4256A84G10 4256A84G11 4256A84G12 4256A84G13 4256A84G14 4256A84G15 4256A84G16 4256A86G01 4256A94G01 4256A94G02 4256A94G03 4256A94G04 4256A99G01 4256A99G02 4257A58H04 4257A58H06 4D06546G26 4D33865G01 4D33865G02 4D33865G03 4D33865G04 4D33865G05 4D33865G06 4D33913G01 4D33913G02 4D33913G03 4D33913G04 4D33913G05 4D33913G06 4D33914G01 4D33914G02 4D33914G03 4D33914G05 5870C46G01 5870C46G02 5999C39G05 5999C39G06 5999C40G01 5999C40G02 5999C40G05 5999C40G06 5999C40G10 5999C41G02 5999C41G03-9 5999C41G04-9 5999C42G01 5999C42G02 5A22138G01-3 5A22663G01 5D32115G01 5D32151H01 5X00230G01 7379A06G02 7379A08G01 7379A13G01 7379A13G02 7379A13G03 7379A13G04 7379A19G01 7379A21G01 7379A21G02 7379A21G03 7379A21G04 7379A21G05 7379A21G06 7379A28G01 7379A28G02 7379A28G03 7379A29G01 7379A31G01 7379A31G02 7379A31G03 7379A31G04 7379A31G05 7379A31G06 7379A34G01 7379A36G01 7379A36G02 7379A36G03 7379A36G04 7379A39G03 7379A47G01 7379A47G04 7379A58G01 7379A62G01 7379A62G02 7379A66G01 7379A70G01 7379A70G02 7379A70G03 7379A78G01 7379A82G01 7379A84G01 7379A87G01 7379A90G03 7379A90G06 7379A91G01 7379A91G02 7380A35G01 7380A36G01 7380A92G01 7380A92G02 7380A92G03 7380A92G04 7380A92G05 7380A92G06 7381A10G01 7381A10G02 7381A10G03 7381A73G01 7381A76G01 7381A76G02 7381A76G03 742A891H01 772B450G01 772B450G02 772B450G03 772B450G04 772B450G11 772B450G12 772B480G01 772B480G02 774A759H01 9115A09G12 9115A25G04 9115A59G01 9115A60G01 9115A61G01 9115A62G01 9115A63G01