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Westinghouse WEStation DCS series offers SCSI Serial Port Devices and Operator Membrane Keyboards.

3A58992H04 3A59104G02 3A59104G04 3A59341G03 3A59534H01 3A59535H03 3A59537H01 3A59537H02 3A98608G03 3A98688G02 3A98688G03 3A98688G04 3A98720G18 3A98826H06 3A98833H01 3A98833H03 3A98833H12 3A98833H17 3A98833H23 3A98833H24 3A98963G05 3A99229G01 3A99678G21 3A99732H03 3A99795G07 3A99795G09 3A99795G10 3A99795G11 3A99795G12 3A99795H10 3A99795H18 3A99795H24 3A99795H25 3A99830H01 3A99831H01 3A99832H01 3A99977G01 3A99990H02 3A99992H02 3A99998H03 3A99998H05 405A353G01 4256A03G03 4256A03G04 4256A11G01 4256A11G02 4256A88G01 4256A88G03 4256A88G04 4256A90G01 4256A90G02 4256A91G02 4256A91G03 4256A93G01 4256A96G01 4256A96G02 4256A97G01 4A00090G02 4A00090G06 4A00090G18 4A04102G01 4A04102G02 4A06769H01 4D33644G03 4D33644G04 4D33644G05 4D33644G06 4D33645G04 4D33645G05 4D33676G01 4D33676G02 4D33676G03 4D33676G04 4D33710G01 4D33710G02 4D33711G01 4D33711G02 4D33711G03 4D33755G01 4D33755G02 4D33755G03 4D33755G04 4D33810G01 4D33810G02 4D33811G01 4D33811G02 4D33816G01 4D33816G02 4D33816G03 4D33816G04 4D33915G02 4D33916G01 5A23251G09 5A23307H15 5A23307H16 5A23309H15 5A23736G01 5A23736G02 5A26362G01 5A26362G02 5A26397G02 5A26422G01 5A26422G02 5A26430H12 5A26430H13 5A26430H14 5A26433H01 5A28137G04 5D32022G01 5D32024G01 5D32025G04 5D32035G02 5D32046G02 5D32046G03 5D32046G08 5D32046G09 5D32052G01 5D32052G05 5D32078G01 5D32078G03 5D32078G04 5D32078G07 5D32083G02 5D32083G04 5D32083G05 5D32110G01 5D32114G01 5D32122G02 5D32123G01 5D32123G02 5D32123G03 5D32140G01 5D32149G01 5D32161G01 5D32161G02 5D32188G01 5D32188G02 5D32191G01 5D32191G02 5D32207G01 5D32221G01 5D92481G06 PC-503